Candle Holder made of Capiz Shells - The floors of the expansive Pacific Ocean are seeded with millions of these beautiful, iridescent, naturally transparent shells famously known as capiz. Found only in the Philippine waters, cutted them to shape and were made into magnificent chips which used in our candle holder. The splendid combination of brass and capiz in our candle holder made it exquisite in style. Other colorful shells also available.

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Code: JPCCH00114
Size: 10cmD x 12cmH
Candle holder made in diamond-cut
capiz shells framed with brass.


Code: JPCCH00115
Size: 11cmD x 8cmH
Candle holder made in blue colored and
natural colored capiz shells in lotus design.


Code: JPCCH00099
Size: 11cmD x 8cmH
Candle holder made in maroon
colored shell in lotus design.


Code: JPCCH00100
Size: 10cmD x 4.5cmH
Candle holder made in square-cut
capiz shells framed with black painted brass.


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